After a while...

January 24, 2005
Sheesh, I can't believe I have not posted an update in almost one whole month! That is b/c everything has been going quite well. Emily has remained pretty stinkin' healthy for a while now. We ramped up her respiratory treatments to give her system a bit more exercise, and we have given her nebulizer treatments, but all-in-all she has remained pretty healthy!
We have a few things to report: I (Nathaniel) have started a new job in the area and we are buying our first home. Yes in deed, it is the start of a new part of our lives. We are also down to one car since my truck engine finally bit the dust. Actually, "finally" is not the truth.. the current engine only lasted 7,000 miles! Piece of junk and now I have to sell the shell of my dream vehicle.
I digress.. after tons of research for the BEST stroller and car seat for Emily we have finally found just the right device and you can read about it on my blog here. The brand is Jane (pronounced Hennae) and it is a pretty amazing device and, in our opinion, just the thing for an SMA family! The bassinet, or "pram" as the Brits call it, doubles as a car seat/car bed and it snaps right onto the stroller so we don't have to switch Emily back and forth from car bed to stroller every time we go somewhere. It is great! Check out the pics in the blog noted above.
So, we are happy with our new stroller and preparing for our next trip to Utah at the end of February. I cannot believe it has been almost three months already! We are nearing the age that Linnea was when we first moved out to Maryland in April 2004. Emily is doing amazingly well.