November 4, 2005
All is well and surgery is over. Emily is recovering well and we are now back in our own home. We will do our best to feed Emily by mouth for as long as we can, but supplemental feeds, medicine, and other nutrition will be fed via her G-tube. This will greatly enhance our ability to care for in many ways.
Our next event will be taking place at the end of Nov when we make another trip west for our next visit for the clinical trial. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement!!


Afz said…
You seem to be a very courageous person. I tend to believe I have a world of problems, not realizing other's might have bigger probs..

I just happened to visit your blogs and so far, I read almost all the posts....It gives an insight to what sort of life you lead and...Okay..I will end it here. I have never been good with words.....
(Some Anonymous person leaving an anonymous comment..which wont be so anonymous once I choose a identity...)