Family Update 2005

December 23, 2005

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! We pray this letter finds you well! We realized that many of you have not had updates on our lives over the past couple of years, so we wanted to take the opportunity to fix that...

We have been living in the Washington, DC area (Maryland & Virginia) since April 2004 and parts of the area seem to be growing on us. Maybe our age, a whopping 25 & 27, has brought with it a sense of nostalgia for what has become familiar to us here, but nevertheless we have mixed feelings about moving again. Some days we want to pack-up and head to the moon and then the next we are content to never have to pack-up again. Desires can be so deceiving!

God has continued to take us on our journey through death and life and we are grateful in many things. We are also not grateful in many things, but that is why God is taking us through it I guess. Lucky for us we will one day see God's perfection in its fullness and our aforementioned deceiving desires will be of no concern. What a wonderful day that will be!

Here's what is going on individually:
Nathaniel - working, reading, dreaming of the mountains
Diana - Taking care of the kids, cooking, reading, dreaming of our next adventure... she is what keeps us going every day
Annabelle - running, coloring, gymnastics, talking, helping with Emily, talking, running, coloring, talking... she is great
Emily - despite recovering from a nasty cough -- eating mushy baby food, baby-talking, laughing, wiggling, giggling... she is a blessing

We are blessed to be in close proximity to Nathaniel's parents, and they have been very helpful and loving. Most of Diana's family is a hop, skip, and a jump away as well, so it has been nice to spend time with them and Annabelle loves having “sleep-overs” with them. We also have some great friends Emman and Jade Chapman that have recently had their first baby... a boy! Emman and Jade would be the first to tell you that they have been blessed by helping us in all the ways we do, but we would have a hard time existing in the splendor we do without the Chapman's. Our church has been incredible as well, helping us handle our many needs with a style that all of God's people should witness.

On a different note - although we expect Emily to recover from this first of many expected illnesses, please continue to pray for her happiness whether it be through strength of muscles or spirit. Please continue to pray for our strength as well. We need patience, kindness, love, grace... you name it, we need it. God is good all the time, but we are not.

Please visit our website ( ) often to check-up on our updates. We try to leave updates on Emily's site as much as possible.

A recent interaction with Annabelle –

Nate: Annabelle, the reason you are sitting by yourself at the dinner table is because you are taking so long to eat.
Annabelle: But daddy, I want someone to sit with me.
Nate: Jesus is sitting with you, Annabelle.
Annabelle: No he's not!
Nate: Yes he is, he's always with you.
Annabelle: But daddy, I want people… God is just a Spirit!!

Well, have a great holiday season and spend it well... with the ones you love!

Nathaniel, Diana, Annabelle, & Emily