Forgiveness and Things

I was writing the update below and Diana asked me to come up and look at Emily -- she must be getting sick again b/c she was having laborious coughing and breathing of a kind that has not been too prevalent so far. She required a little bit of extra attention and an early treatment with the Cough Assist machine. She has some thick secretions as well. Please pray for her continued respiratory health.
It has been a long month. We have moved into our new house and the weeks preceding the move were quite arduous, but we are here... finally. Our goodest of friends (yes, I said "goodest"), Kyle, once again saved the day by spending 95% of his 10 days visiting us just painting our new house. I can't believe that God has blessed us with such good friends, we do not deserve it, but we'll take 'em! Our church really picked up right where we needed them and helped us get EVERYTHING moved in one Saturday. All of this was just in time b/c my grandmother passed away and we had to make a trip to Minnesota... another adventurous story that I may share later on. My Grandma May was an amazingly peaceful and content woman that deserves to finally see Jesus. She also gets to see Linnea! We are headed to Utah next week so we are going to be thoroughly pooped after that.
Despite the many happening and unhappenings of our household that I want to share, there is one thing that seemed to be in the forward area of my noggin... Christ. With all in life that seems so unfair, Christ's life was most unfair. I have been reminded of this as some good friends have been going through some tough times where forgiveness would have a good reason to be scarce. I even find myself at a loss of forgiveness and it doesn't even have a direct effect on me. Yet, there is an attempt at reconciliation being made that is simply Biblical. I am one to get riled up when wronged and although I may not act on that attitude (ok, maybe I do), I have realized that I may be quick to grudge over it. I can whine and moan about it and give myself ulcers, it is most un-Christlike. Shame on me. So, when I see others forgiving the most heinous of insults, I am amazed. BUT, I have discovered that I am not amazed that they can forgive, but that they can obey. God requires that we forgive others b/c He has first forgiven us. I just never thought I'd be so shocked to see it in action. Our obedience to God glorifies Him. My unwillingness to forgive another person does not. Think on that


Jeff said…
Good words brother regarding forgiveness. Really impossible without the grace of the gospel. Thankful for its' power for I need it too. Blessings in Utah. I hope to connect soon again at New Town. Jeff