Back from Utah + God

Dear Friends and Family,
We are back from Utah and we had a great visit. It was the normal routine, but this time in particular was very nice. We were put up in a hotel b/c there was "no more room in the inn." Even though there was no immaculately conceived baby born in that provided resting place, it was nice to be alone with each other and Emily. We walked around SLC quite a bit and had a great time talking and doing that mushy stuff that married people do. We don't usually get a chance to act like that, so it was fun. :)

Everyone was happy to see us b/c they are very interested in seeing how Emily has been holding up. We have weathered two chest colds since we last saw them and Emily is making some motions that she was not last time we were there. She was VERY tired the entire day she was getting poked, prodded, electrified, therapized, phlebotomized, and DEXAcized. It was a busy day!

I thought to myself, in my prayerful way, how God was going to use us at this hotel. No sooner had I asked than three excited kids ran up to gaze as Emily...

I'll continue this and another story in my next post. Cheers, Nate