A little update on Emily -- Emily has been enjoying her ability to grab things and put them in her mouth. Her reach is short and she can't pick up much, but every once in a while she'll get something with those little finger and smash it right into her pie hole. She is loving Veggie Tales, just as Linnea did so much, and loving even more to be entertained by Annabelle pretending to sing hymns to her and occasionally trying to evangelize her. Annabelle's got a real Fire and Brimstone sermon that she practices on Emily every chance she gets. I trust the Lord has some good plans for that!

Lately we have began noticing that Emily's chest is beginning to show a little deformity. B/c she prefers her right side to her left when she is laying down, the weight of her growing body scrunches her little chest together a little bit, causing a small protrusion from her sternum, I am no Dr of course. This happened with Linnea, but on both sides b/c we would turn her regularly. Emily is a bit pickier about how she is laying and her left side make her cough a lot. So, we are having to figure out what to do to keep this protrusion small and hopefully get it to even back out with some "tummy time". SMA baby's chests get narrow b/c of, among other things I am sure, they are not getting the great exercise of inhalation that you and I get, so their chests narrow and their abdomens grow larger. This is the "bell shape" that is familiar to SMA savvy people. I didn't realize before that the size and shape of my chest is somewhat determined by my breathing. If you didn't breath with your lungs, your chest would probably sag a bit, or be narrower at least. Again, I am not Dr, so don't quote me on this stuff.

Emily is also getting longer. She is in the 50% bracket for length, which is good. She is in the 5%, however, for weight, also typical of children suffering with SMA. So, she is long and skinny and becoming more difficult to hold. She is outgrowing the length of our arms and that makes things difficult. She LOVES being held, so that means it is more difficult to keep her happy.

For the past 24 hours Emily has been sporting a pretty bad fever. This morning it was 103.7 F via her ear, but no other symptoms are accompanying this, so we are hoping that it is her teeth. She's got some pearls growing in her lower mouth and that is fun to see :), but not so fun for her I am sure. We just hope to keep the drool from pooling in the back of her mouth where it can be aspirated or harbor germs that could cause an infection. If you didn't already know, teething children tend to put St. Bernard's to shame with their drooling. OK - maybe it isn't that bad, but they could easily take some sort of prize... if there was one... for kids that drool. Anyway, I think Emily is enjoying her new teeth despite the pain the cause coming in. She just loves gnawing on carrots!!