People's Needs Recognized

So the gist of our experience in SLC was the fact that there are people out there that just need to talk about their troubles. It was really neat to realize this in our own circumstances. As I started a couple of posts ago... three kids came running up to me in the hotel lobby b/c they wanted to get a look at Emily. This prompted a neat discussion about life, death, your soul, heaven, hell, special needs, autism, etc. The mother of the three children was obviously pregnant and obviously loved kids. She has spent the previous weeks helping in the care of her dying mother, so many of these concepts were fresh in her mind, as well as her family's. We had a great time talking about how people just need a little education when faced with the awkwardness of an individual with special needs. Her insight came from years of teaching autistic kids... she has also written some songs about the difficulties of autism. If she visits my website I am hoping she will remember to send me some of her music (I should have written this post a while ago b/c I can't remember her name now. It will come to me...). The short of it is this, we were both encouraged b/c we took the time to be open about our circumstances, I would encourage others to do the same. Look for opportunities to share your story with others, no matter what that story is! There are millions, perhaps billions of people out there that need to hear another's story, b/c it can encourage them and show them something they may not otherwise see.

Later that day we were taking TRAX into town and decided to use the handicap ramp, something we had never done before. Low and behold there was a family on the ramp with a young man (18) who was born prematurely and had some physical and mental issues as a result. They seemed to love him very much and we launched into a great time of sharing about what life is like with disabilities. The mother also has cancer and is unable to get the medicine she needs, so she is just living with it. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and we often find ourselves in shock and awe of what other people have to go through every day; we usually find that they feel the same way about us! Their stop came up and we gave them a few Chick-fil-A coupons that we had on us for such an occasion told them that we'd be praying for them. Another example of a family that just needed to talk about their lives with family that understood, to some degree, what they faced on a daily basis. I hope that they felt as encouraged as we did.

God is so good to us and I pray daily that His goodness will seep out of me in search of people that need encouragement. I pray that he will use my uselessness to touch the lives of people that need to know Jesus.