Prayer Requests

Prayer - We get asked from time to time how you can pray for us, so here are some things that make our hearts heavy. Thanks for asking.

For me -- I am trying to be joyful in this, but it is hard when we have to do these "treatments" on Emily and she looks at you like, "why do you keep doing this to me," and cries a lot. None of it is new, but it causes me great internal struggle as I wonder if it is what God wants, and if so, why?

For Diana -- Peace and rest physically and spiritually while she spends countless hours day and night caring for all the details of a 4-year old and a special needs infant. I have no idea how she can keep up the schedule she does and it doesn't involve very much sleep. Pray that God will really show Himself to her in a very personal way while she carries so much weight.

For Annabelle - She is getting some counselling from a Hospice Chaplain. She has a lot of things inside that I am sure are stuck there in regard to Linnea and Emily. We talk about things all the time, but there are always those tidbits deep down that sort of mess us up when we have had such difficult things to understand. She is great and we believe God has some big plans for her. Pray that we will understand her needs.

For Emily -- Healing. If it is God's plan. But, even if it's not, we are praying that it will be. This is a tough area to tackle b/c it has become so unconventional among Christians and it is a shame. Pray that she will be comforted in the Holy Spirit while SMA takes it's toll on her muscles and all that that involves in the end.