A 4-year old's thoughts

Annabelle is our tenacious four-year old and she is always thinking... and moving. The other day she blessed us with a couple thoughts; one in prayer and the other in conversation:

  1. "Dear God, please help no one to have SMA and please keep everyone healthy. And God, please help us to enjoy Emily for as long as she is with us. Amen."

  2. Annabelle: "Daddy, are tomatoes 'rou-rou' (肉肉 = Meat)?"
    Me: "No Annabelle, rou-rou is meat."
    Annabelle: "Oh yeah, so rou-rou has protein, right?"
    Me: "That's right Annabelle, you're so smart!"
    Annabelle: "Do carrots have protein?"
    Me: "No, carrots have carotene."
    Annabelle: "Oh, so do tomatoes have tomatotene?!"
    Me: "No Annabelle, but that was a great deduction! Tomatoes have other vitamins that are good for you."
    Annabelle: "Like my gummy vitamins!"
    Me: "Exactly!"

That was great! So I looked up the specs on carrots and discovered that a raw carrot does, in fact, have 0.98g of protein, so I'll have to go back to Annabelle and correct myself. But, c'mon... 0.98g's?! I was mostly right. :)


S. Elijah III said…
We of Peachtree City try to keep abreast of Emily and her prayer needs. We cracked up about tomatotene, and will give you plenty of slack for the .98g of protein in carrots.
A's prayer was precious. So much we learn of Christ through the children. So much through such unbearable grief.
You cannot believe how many you are witnessing to as you live each day -- make each step -- pass each hour.

S. Elijah III