Email from Diana

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to fill all of you in on Emily's day and ask all of you to pray for her and for us. I noticed last night that she seemed to be breathing a bit harder, but was too tired to think much on it. This morning, she had a mild fever and was fine. Then after church, she started to get really fussy and kept coughing. We finally left our friend's house to bring her home to do her cough assist and suction, then nebulizer, and had antibiotics ordered and picked up soon after. She is working really hard to breathe, with her heart rate up very high, maintaining her oxygen saturation just below what we'd be comfortable with. She's grunting and heaving a bit. We are keeping her comfortable, hoping the antibiotics will help soon. She's lethargic and uncomfortable. I've given her Tylenol, and her hospice nurse has suggested that we give her some morphine, since her HR is so high, 190 or so. It gives me tears when I even think about doing that. She probably will be fine in the next couple of days. However, it's days like this that remind me of the battle that we have yet to face. Every time her health declines a little, we are reminded of how fragile she is, and my heart just breaks a little more. As I write this with tears running down my face, all I can do is ask for your prayers. For her healing, for her comfort, for us to trust in Him and that He will guide us through these times when we might have to make a decision that just seems to bring us closer to that day. I don't want to give her morphine, because I know that it just becomes more and more. Of course I don't want her to be in pain, but it's just so difficult to make these decisions. It's heart breaking to see her little body working so hard to breathe. She had these symptoms a few weeks ago, so it's strange that it's happening again. We think it's strange and will be pursuing this with her doctors. Again, please shower us with prayers, any that you think that we may need. Thanks, Diana