Prayer Request

Dear Everyone
Thank you so much for all your prayers and words of encouragement. Emily was doing quite well yesterday, but last night was very difficult. She is wheezing, coughing, and very anxious... maybe b/c of the Albeuterol we are giving her for her wheezing. Anyway -- Diana was up pretty much the whole night and I can remember seeing every hour on my clock, many times more than once through the night... and if you can imagine, that was only one night. Diana gets very little sleep night after night after night. We would like to ask everyone to pray that God will provide us with someone that can/will learn how to help us take care of Emily b/c this is just too much for two people (Diana and Me), especially because I am working full-time. For most of Linnea's sick days I did not work so we could trade off responsibilities. This is not the case with Emily. I don't know how to make this sound dire enough, so please read into my words and understand that we cannot continue doing this and remain healthy. Whether it is a live-in Nanny that we can't really pay very much, or someone who visits us when we call... Diana needs some relief. Please lift these thoughts up in prayer when you remember.