Monday, July 31, 2006

Mission Complete

Ahh...(relaxed sigh), another trip to SLC is complete and this time we took Annabelle! Yep, we made another 3-day visit to the team in SLC and they were VERY pleased with Emily's maintained strength and overall well-being. :) Emily's EMG readings stayed the same and she is moving much more deliberately than she ever used to. She even picked up her head while they were doing some physical therapy!! We certainly have been taken care of over the last few months and it showed there in SLC. It was a bit busier with Annabelle there, but she is a tremendous little girl who seems to epitomize Galations 5:22 when we're nearing the end of our rope... in other words, she was very patient. Otherwise, she is energyless!! B/c we were getting the hospital rate at the Marriott, they put us in the wheelchair accessible room.. on the Concierge Level. Ooohhh... yeah, we were living large on the floor that has unlimited bottles of water for FREE!! It was fun to have the luxury of the big room and free food, so once again, we were taken care of where we least expected it. :) We also rented a mini-van, so it was easier to get around and we were able to stay out of the HOT weather with the girls.

Another part of the story is that we had the chance to make some new friends and have dinner with them. We had a great time visiting with the Plum family and hope to see them again in the future.

So, now we are back home where things are more familiar and we are all recovering from a short, but physically taxing trip. Let's pray we can make another in three more months!

PS - Being able to make this trip meant that we received another three-months supply of Emily's medicine!!! Praise God for helping us get this far.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


WOW!!  Emily's birthday was Great!!  We had some people over and we had a great time.  They were all able to spend some time with Emily and all the kids seemed to have had a blast! 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who has helped us through encouragement, with physical labor, through prayer, through monetary contributions, etc, etc over the last year.  So often we sit back and we vcan hardly believe how so many peopl have been so good to us.  Someday I really hope I can put it all in a book so others can be as encouraged as we have been and see how the Lord takes care of His people.  Emily is 1 year old and we are so happy for the time we have had with her... and we pray for many more years with her. :)

Blessings to you all,
Nate, Diana, Annabelle, & Emily

Friday, July 14, 2006



Yeah -- so, this post is WAY overdue. We have had a B U S Y few weeks trying to finish our basement, kitchen, and deck projects. A friend of ours, Drew, brought a team up last weekend and they did some wonderful work!! We are so grateful for the help we have received for these projects b/c it would really take a long time for us to get it done. With Cindy living with us now, an INCREDIBLE help, we need the extra room. It will be really nice down there. A couple friends came up a few weeks ago and completed some very helpful prepping and wiring. We are truly blessed to have so many great people in our lives.

Some of our best friends moved away a couple of weeks ago. The Chapmans are living it up in Clarksville now, sharing the Good News with everyone they meet I am sure. Check out their blog to see what's going on. I had a great time driving (actually Emman drove the whole way -- I played with my iPod and tried to feed his crave for loud "keep me awake" driving music) with Emman and we'll miss them sorely.

In the meantime we are keeping busy as always and Emily is just getting cuter and cuter. She is so interactive and we are so blessed by her. We pray for her daily and that is a learning experience too. How many times should you pray for the same thing? When are you showing a lack of faith, or even true interest? When does it come pure monotony? -- In the end, it is more important to focus on God rather than on the disease... that can be different for everybody. Annabelle prays at every meal and bedtime for Emily and it has been neat to see how she thinks about these things too. We encourage her to thank God for the things He is teaching us through Emily. It is really incredible b/c she does it on her own.

I'll leave you with a couple good links:
Climbing for Christ


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Well, it has been a couple of weeks and things have been very busy here.  Parties for friends leaving, parties for B'day's, construction on our basement, etc, etc.  Emily has been holding up pretty good with all the busy-ness.  Today she is struggling with something, but we are not really sure what it is. 

We wanted to share some things with everbody, in hopes of encouraging you all in whatever you may be facing when you read this.  One thing that the Lord has been teaching us is to be specific in prayer; in requests, praises, and otherwise.  So, we have made efforts to be more specific about what we need, when we need it, and how we feel we need it.  All of this, of course, is our meager perspective on what we feel we need.  God provides and that continues to be apparent through every day of our lives. 

Over the past couple of weeks God has provided the following, plus more:
1. Car (a great used Honda)
2. Construction help (friends finishing basement for us)
3. Construction Planner (for basement and Kitchen!)
4. A helper to move in with us (Diana's sister)
5. $$ (for all the construction and vehicle needs/repairs)
6. Friends (as always)
7. Relief (some babysitting)
8. Encouragement (from everyone)

And you know, the greatest thing in all of this is that you all were praying for these things specifically.  It is an incredible gift to be able to share these prayers and answers WITH YOU!  :)

Please continue to pray for Emily.  She is slowly losing her swallow, or she is losing the interest to drink from her bottle.  Either way, she is needing more "pump" feeds via her G-tube

Blessings, TheSmiLees