Mission Complete

Ahh...(relaxed sigh), another trip to SLC is complete and this time we took Annabelle! Yep, we made another 3-day visit to the team in SLC and they were VERY pleased with Emily's maintained strength and overall well-being. :) Emily's EMG readings stayed the same and she is moving much more deliberately than she ever used to. She even picked up her head while they were doing some physical therapy!! We certainly have been taken care of over the last few months and it showed there in SLC. It was a bit busier with Annabelle there, but she is a tremendous little girl who seems to epitomize Galations 5:22 when we're nearing the end of our rope... in other words, she was very patient. Otherwise, she is energyless!! B/c we were getting the hospital rate at the Marriott, they put us in the wheelchair accessible room.. on the Concierge Level. Ooohhh... yeah, we were living large on the floor that has unlimited bottles of water for FREE!! It was fun to have the luxury of the big room and free food, so once again, we were taken care of where we least expected it. :) We also rented a mini-van, so it was easier to get around and we were able to stay out of the HOT weather with the girls.

Another part of the story is that we had the chance to make some new friends and have dinner with them. We had a great time visiting with the Plum family and hope to see them again in the future.

So, now we are back home where things are more familiar and we are all recovering from a short, but physically taxing trip. Let's pray we can make another in three more months!

PS - Being able to make this trip meant that we received another three-months supply of Emily's medicine!!! Praise God for helping us get this far.