Wednesday, August 30, 2006


What a busy summer! We have had so much going on with trips here and there to camps and classes for Annabelle... it's been crazy. Well, Annabelle is starting school next week, Diana is planning her trip to the MOPS convention, I'm playing soccer and helping out with music at church... and Emily is mixed up in just about everything. Busy, busy.

A couple of weekends ago we had the opportunity to spend 5 days at The Master's Mission (TMM) to learn about what they do in the world. We had a GREAT weekend with the TMM folks. I'll let you read their site, but basically they are a mission organization that trains missionaries to live in the remote areas of the world, spreading the Gospel as they go. We felt very "at home" with everyone there and felt like we saw a direction that the Lord could be leading us in the very near future. More to follow on this topic...

Emily continues to surprise us by doing so incredibly well. In some respects she actually seems to be getting stronger, although SMA doesn't provide that sort of luxury, but still... she seems stronger. She is so deliberate with her hand and arms that it is hard to know what else to think. She loves playing and has a great personality. I think we'd have a busy little girl if her body would permit. :) ... it is really nice to see. As she grows we get to bond with her more and more. That is comforting and scary at the same time. We are now in fairly unknown point in our lives b/c Linnea did not live this long and she was never this strong. if you are reading these updates and you ever get a chance to come and see Emily, please do not hesitate to hop on over!!
Our next big project for Emily is getting a Kid Kart b/c she has outgrown her stroller and car bed/seat. This presents a problem with vehicle transportation. In order for her to ride in the van we either have to lay her down on a bench seat and strap her to the seat... we don't have any bench seats in the van. Or, we have to figure out a way to fasten the kid kart to the floor of the van in place of one of the seats. Anyway, lots to do and think about. Emily's positioning is the key to her comfort, so everything we do with her revolves around that. thinking... thinking...

Thank you for your prayers and support. Emily has been free of any respiratory infections for a few months now and that is INCREDIBLE. Please pray that God will continue to keep her healthy!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Three she would be

Today we are thinking a lot about Linnea. Today our Linnea Grace Lee would be three years old. I can only imagine what that would be like for all of us. We miss her every day and Annabelle still talks and dreams about her day and night, literally.. she talks about her in her sleep sometimes! :) You know, there will always be that part of me that is empty b/c she is not here. Knowing she is in Heaven gives me a certain type of comfort, but it doesn't put the sensation of touching her soft skin in my fingertips. It doesn't put the scent of her in my nostrils. And it does not put the comfort of her hug in my chest. We survive on the memory of those things. I am realizing more and more that I feel most loved by my children when they show me that they need me.,that they want me. When a parent loses a child there is no longer that feeling of being loved by them. That feeling of being wanted or needed by them. We are designed to provide, but there is no longer anything to provide. That is, for me, what makes Linnea's death tough. But, I think these are good things. There was one aspect of creation that God said was not good, and that was that Adam was alone. God created us to desire the company and relationship of other people and it is GOOD to long for another's company. Let's not lose focus on the goodness that is our desire for others. And let's not forget that goodness that is another's desire for us! It is divine.

In the Bible the Apostle Paul said that "to die is gain," and we do not believe that Linnea's death was an exception to that fact. It marked the start of her new life, the perfect life. She is where we'll all be happiest, and we are confident in that.

Thank you for your support and belief in us! The Lees

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Two Photos

Ok everybody -- I just realized we haven't had a new pic of Emily in a LONG TIME -- So here she is!!

And with her big sister Annabelle...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nearing 08/15

During this month we are thinking a lot about Linnea. She would be three years old on the 15th. Linnea was a great addition to our family and we still miss her very much. She taught us what it meant to be content and will have a lasting impression on many people. Thank you for your part in her life.

Emily is our little spunky kid. She asserts her authority on a regular basis -- pushing things away when they are offered, "yelling" at Annabelle when she starts to rub her ear -- and voicing her desire to be a part of things if when we leave her out of the fun. She is great. Not only that, but she is really showing her awareness of life. I was laying on the couch last night and we were talking and playing. She loves to communicate in the ways she can. She's our curious little girl and we are trying to provide things that feed her curiosity. Pray that we will not tire of that.

We are in the midst of brainstorming about how to best provide for her physical needs. One things I am working on is a plan to help her lie face down without irritation, so her chest will not deform any more than it has. We've got some ideas like a baby massage table, or trampoline type material stretched tight to prevent overheating. We are also considering how we can give her time in water where she can be weightless. So, we're thinking of an upright life jacket that will support her weak and skinny body while supporting her head comfortably. Most kids that are as weak as she is do not live this long or they are not as mobile b/c of respiratory weakness. But, Emily keeps hanging on and she is doing quite well. We need to get her to chunk up a little though, so she has some reserve for any illnesses she might get.

So, that is it for now. We are continuing to learn how to live with Emily and provide for her, and the other three of us are still learning to live with each other and best provide for each other's needs as well. It is a busy life!!