Nearing 08/15

During this month we are thinking a lot about Linnea. She would be three years old on the 15th. Linnea was a great addition to our family and we still miss her very much. She taught us what it meant to be content and will have a lasting impression on many people. Thank you for your part in her life.

Emily is our little spunky kid. She asserts her authority on a regular basis -- pushing things away when they are offered, "yelling" at Annabelle when she starts to rub her ear -- and voicing her desire to be a part of things if when we leave her out of the fun. She is great. Not only that, but she is really showing her awareness of life. I was laying on the couch last night and we were talking and playing. She loves to communicate in the ways she can. She's our curious little girl and we are trying to provide things that feed her curiosity. Pray that we will not tire of that.

We are in the midst of brainstorming about how to best provide for her physical needs. One things I am working on is a plan to help her lie face down without irritation, so her chest will not deform any more than it has. We've got some ideas like a baby massage table, or trampoline type material stretched tight to prevent overheating. We are also considering how we can give her time in water where she can be weightless. So, we're thinking of an upright life jacket that will support her weak and skinny body while supporting her head comfortably. Most kids that are as weak as she is do not live this long or they are not as mobile b/c of respiratory weakness. But, Emily keeps hanging on and she is doing quite well. We need to get her to chunk up a little though, so she has some reserve for any illnesses she might get.

So, that is it for now. We are continuing to learn how to live with Emily and provide for her, and the other three of us are still learning to live with each other and best provide for each other's needs as well. It is a busy life!!