What a busy summer! We have had so much going on with trips here and there to camps and classes for Annabelle... it's been crazy. Well, Annabelle is starting school next week, Diana is planning her trip to the MOPS convention, I'm playing soccer and helping out with music at church... and Emily is mixed up in just about everything. Busy, busy.

A couple of weekends ago we had the opportunity to spend 5 days at The Master's Mission (TMM) to learn about what they do in the world. We had a GREAT weekend with the TMM folks. I'll let you read their site, but basically they are a mission organization that trains missionaries to live in the remote areas of the world, spreading the Gospel as they go. We felt very "at home" with everyone there and felt like we saw a direction that the Lord could be leading us in the very near future. More to follow on this topic...

Emily continues to surprise us by doing so incredibly well. In some respects she actually seems to be getting stronger, although SMA doesn't provide that sort of luxury, but still... she seems stronger. She is so deliberate with her hand and arms that it is hard to know what else to think. She loves playing and has a great personality. I think we'd have a busy little girl if her body would permit. :) ... it is really nice to see. As she grows we get to bond with her more and more. That is comforting and scary at the same time. We are now in fairly unknown point in our lives b/c Linnea did not live this long and she was never this strong. if you are reading these updates and you ever get a chance to come and see Emily, please do not hesitate to hop on over!!
Our next big project for Emily is getting a Kid Kart b/c she has outgrown her stroller and car bed/seat. This presents a problem with vehicle transportation. In order for her to ride in the van we either have to lay her down on a bench seat and strap her to the seat... we don't have any bench seats in the van. Or, we have to figure out a way to fasten the kid kart to the floor of the van in place of one of the seats. Anyway, lots to do and think about. Emily's positioning is the key to her comfort, so everything we do with her revolves around that. thinking... thinking...

Thank you for your prayers and support. Emily has been free of any respiratory infections for a few months now and that is INCREDIBLE. Please pray that God will continue to keep her healthy!!


Thank you so much for this encouraging update. How wonderful to hear how strong she has become - that is just what I've been praying for. I'll pray for your vehicle situation, the Lord is such a generous provider!! I'll check back soon to see how he's amazed you again with his generosity!!!