11/13 - PM - Update

It is 1823 on Mon, 11/13 and we are still at John's Hopkins with Emily. Bear with of as I make this update from my phone. Emily is on life support bc her right lung had completely collapsed, causing her body to start shutting down. All efforts now are aimed at getting her off life support as soon as possible, which is the worry given her low muscle tone. However, it may be a few days before she is able to be taken off the support, if at all. If she is not able to extubate we will have to discuss end of life issues in a more immediate fashion. Emily seems very content given the fact that she has a tube down her airway and she falls in and out of sleep all day long. The goal is to get her right lung to open so she can breath normally again. Annabelle is spending time with various friends/playmates as she is not allowed to visit this area of the hospital. She is very thoughtful about the situation and understands the implications bc we have had discussions about when this day would come. She is such a neat girl. We are exhausted and I'll be spending the night in the back of our van in the parking lot while Diana will stay in the hospital and maybe in a room for mom's. Please pray for wisdom, comfort, peace, undertanding, and the like. We don't always feel like God is here, but I trust that He is... that is tough. Thanks for your calls and emails today.


Anonymous said…
Hey Nate,
I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you and your family. Let us know it we can do anything for you at all.

Love ya
Coach Fred Gilkeson
Wigley Clan said…
I have so enjoyed getting to know you and Emily at MOPS and just know that all of us are praying for you. Our God is so much bigger than this and I know He will give you His strength to trust Him. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING you need!

Deb Wigley :)