11/14 PM - Update

Another day has come and gone and Emily is still with us. Her right lung has not gotten much better in the last 24 hours, but she is doing well as they ween her off the tube. She is still intubated and probably will be for another day or two if things go in the direction they are now. She was alert a lot more today, but is very tired of having a tube in her airway and modeling as a pin cushion for blood samples and medicine distribution. The right side of her chest has been concave for a while now and we think that it may have something to do with her lung not being able to inflate all the way, but that is somewhat speculative I must admit. Again, we need to get her off the tube as soon as possible b/c she is weakening while she is on it and she can't really afford to get weaker. I am home again tonight (I didn't sleep in my van last night b/c there is no place to pee in the middle of the night!) so I am going to attempt to get some rest. I must say, thought, that it is disheartening for me to not here Emily's BiPaP and sleepy-time music going in the other room. It is all to reminiscent of the night following Linnea's death. I just hope that I fall asleep fast so I don't lie there thinking about it. I don't like leaving the hospital each night. We are looking into a hotel or the Ronald McDonald house for the rest of the nights. We miss Annabelle too, and she misses us... again.

Thank you everyone for your emails, visits, and phone calls. God has answered a prayer of mine, that we will feel His personal interest and touch in our lives right now and I believe He is doing just that through His "hands and feet." (That'd be you all) Thank you!


Dear Nate & Dianna,
We are praying, praying, praying for y'all!
Anonymous said…
Dear Nate and Dianna,

We too are praying hard and you are in my thoughts all day.

Mimi Adam