11/16 - Donation Requests

Dear everybody -- people have been asking, so I have reposted the "Make a Donation" button to this bLog and also at the-lee-family.us. A year ago a great friend of mine started the "Emily Lee Medical Fund" at the Bank of America so people could make donations for Emily's care in a tax deductible way. There are a few ways to donate to Emily's fund.

1. Walk in to any BoA location and make a donation to the "Emily Lee Medical Fund" which is located in Georgia.
2. Visit the-lee-family.us or emilysupdates.blogspot.com and use the "Make a Donation" link to donate via PayPal.com.
3. Visit PayPal.com and make a donation to emilyhopelee@gmail.com.

All of these methods will direct donations to Emily's fund.

To give you an understanding of our needs:
I was going to start LWOP (Leave WithOut Pay) yesterday, but my company has advanced me leave, which means that I will be many hours in the hole, not necessarily a good thing but the only thing my work can offer. B/c of Emily's visits to Salt Lake City and other appointments in the area, my leave balance is typically around "0," so I was not able to have any saved up for this sort of emergency. We are not interested in "asking for money," but I was avoiding responding to people inquiries about that aspect of our situation. Again, we are incredibly blessed in so many ways and we know that, one way or another, we will have what we need. Thanks for reading this, hopefully I won't have to write about it again b/c it makes me uncomfortable. :)