Today was a GREAT day! Emily was in a great mood and she did well on her vent settings. We are now ready to extubate (take the air vent out)! Her right lung is still not inflated as much as we'd like, but we are not sure it can totally inflate anyway given the concavity of her right side. It is possible that her right lung has been depressed for some time without our knowing for sure. Every day blood gases are drawn and other measurements are taken to determine how her body is handling the weaning process. Everything points to a successful transition from the air vent to the BiPaP which is something we use routinely at home. Anyway - the procedure will happen at about 8AM and all eyes will be on her as we determine whether or not she is handling it well. There is a chance that things will not go well and she will need to be re-intubated, but we are hopeful and confident, at this point, that things will go well. If you remember, and you are awake at 8AM on a Sunday, please remember Emily in your prayers. If this all goes well we may be home by Wed. :)

As always -- thank you so much for the meals that have been brought every night, for the phone calls and emails, and for the visits where we just get to spend time with you. Thanks for those of you that have sat with Emily so we could have a break and thank you so much for those of you that have been so generous monetarily. You are a incredible bunch and we feel forever blessed to have such great support during these days!!

Disclaimer - no nurses were being personally targeted in that last bLog. It was some pent up feelings from all of our encounters over the last few years with Linnea AND Emily. You guys do an amazing service and we love you for it!!!