11/19 - PM Update

Not much to report today. We've had Annabelle for a couple of days now and I am realizing how tired we are and how much this disrupts the standard craziness of our life as a family. She misses Emily and is not allowed to see her b/c it is Flu season. Sucks! As you start to experience the fatigue of reading these daily updates be glad your not writing them or experiencing the story they are telling. I would never wish this experience on anyone.

We took up some offers to sit with Emily today and went to Port Discovery with Annabelle. That place is like speed, for kids!! It was fun and Bob and his son Shawn joined us for a fun-filled afternoon. Thanks Maureen and Eileen for sitting with Emily while we were out!!

Tomorrow the plan is to extubate, but we will see how things look then. No promises. We want to make sure everything is in order so we won't have to stay here another 2 weeks.

Thank you so much for the generous donations to Emily's Medical Fund. It creates a warmth to my heart that is simply divine. Thank you.