11/25 - Update - Things Are Good

Emily had a great night and a comparably good day so far. The attending Dr. thought it was good to start her feeds again so we'll see how that goes. She is responding well to the Cough Assist and we are getting a lot of thick stuff out of her lungs. All in all her health seems to be returning much better now. Her baseline strength and respiratory wellness is different than it was, so we'll be adjusting to a new home life when we leave here.

I want to thank everyone who has sent us such encouraging emails. I hope you understand why I can't get back to everyone though. I have barely been able to respond at all, but we appreciate and survive daily on every one of them. :) My hope is that you may find some response to your personal concerns for us in my daily posts. Your emails make me think and that drives me to post. Thanks!

We rushed home last night b/c I had an excruciating migraine - something that has only happened to this degree once before in my life. I had to get some allergy-free pain medication from home. Anyway, maybe this is my body's response to the erratic couple of weeks.

Oh yeah - Diana and I had a semi quiet couple of hours to ourselves and watched a couple episodes of LOST for our anniversary. :) It was fun. A big THANK YOU to the folks that sat with Emily yesterday so we could have some "time off." :) :) :)


Anonymous said…
Hey, it's great to read your updates. Corinne and I are praying for Emily and all of you.