11/29 - PM Update - Break from BiPAP

Emily had a great day today. We were able to give her some time off the BiPAP and her Oxygen saturation was better off the BiPAP than it was on the BiPAP!! We got to her hold for the first time in 2.5 weeks and she gave us lots of smiles. That's our Emily! :) Nurses were coming in to check her out and everybody was so excited. We held her so Annabelle could see her from the doorway to the PICU and that made her pretty happy too. We are hoping to be home as early as Fri, so let's pray that Emily will just do great.

Quote for the day -- We are where we are because that's where we are.


Anonymous said…
Great news about Emily doing better off the BiPAP with her saturation levels! Thanks for the updates to the blog. We are praying for you guys to be at home together on Friday.