12/2 - Update & Pics

Well we are feeling pretty good today. All the medical staff seems to appreciate our perspective and we are able to plan out Emily's day pretty well. She's pretty tired from getting a lot of cough assist sets and all, but it is good. We are clearing a lot of secretions out of her system. We are not sure when we are going home, but maybe sometime this week. I have taken these past few weeks on Unpaid Leave as well and that cannot last forever. I am thinking about going back to work on Mon, but there are still a lot of logistical things to be planned for the return home.

We have had so many incredible people come to sit with Emily and/or us, bring us meals, and take Annabelle for play dates. Thank you so much. Hopefully we will be going home soon and until then your time will continue to be VERY much appreciated. :)