12/3 - Update - Blah

Today = Blah

We are pretty tired. We took Annabelle to see Happy Feet today, it was ok but we have a lot on our mind and plate. Plus, they put a little too much emphasis on... umm... mating. I don't think PG-aged kids need humanized descriptions or visual representations of what penguins do when they mate. Show me two penguins mating and I'm fine to let my kids watch, but they don't thrust their hips and act sultry -- at least none of the Emperor Penguins I have ever seen.

OK -- next on the agenda -- we are tired. Oh yeah, I already said that. We are on the home stretch. We are like horses smelling the trough or whatever that saying is. We need to get home where Emily can get consistent respiratory treatments from her mommy and daddy. I am with Annabelle at the RMH b/c she had a little break-down and needs to be with us. Goodness, she's been away from us for nearly 3 weeks with some visits in between. Diana is at the PICU b/c we we felt more comfortable having one of us with Emily while we are trying to transition back to home care and get home soon. We are not allowed to sleep in the PICU b/c it is an open room. Fall asleep and you get a ticket home. This makes things very difficult for us. It's hard to rest when you are, well, awake all of the time. We need to go home now.

So - some thoughts. Being around a hospital makes me think -- Man, we sure do a lot to save lives in this world. What so important about life?? What makes it so special?? Why do we go to such lengths to preserve it?? Just some questions -- Cheers.

Peace <><