12/4 - Update - Tomorrow

Well I came in this morning and the Dr's were rounding and talking about Emily. They looked at me and said, "What do you think?" I told them that we're ready to go home. Not because we are tired of being here, necessarily, but because we can handle her current level of care at home... and probably better from a respiratory standpoint since we can be more consistent since there are only three of us doing her treatments. There is still some weaning to do but we can do that at home. So, the plan is that we will go home tomorrow, if that wasn't clear. I didn't want to sound negative and say "maybe, because anything can happen," but that is sorta what's in my head. We pray beyond prayer that we will be going home tomorrow and Emily will be prepared to do so.

So our new challenge is getting shift-nursing for night help, at least, and then some other DME stuff like supplies for the equipment that we own. My insurance company, MAMSI, is telling us that shift-nursing is not covered, so we're seeing what we can work out. If any SMA families are reading this and considering insurance companies DO NOT use MAMSI's Optimum Choice if u can avoid it. They are not helpful. I don't know about their other plans, but ours is nicht so gut! (not so good)

So, we have a great nurse today, Aubrey, and she makes our days much more relaxing. Thanks Aubrey!

One interesting part of hospital living is getting to know the parents of other kids that are here. There are only a few that have been here as long as us, but we all have our stories. Other families are dealing with some crazy stuff too! We are not alone in our emotions and every time we notice some emergency going on we worry about which family it is all for.

OK - gotta figure some stuff out now. Cheers! :)