12/5 - Exodus

So today is the day! We are scheduled to begin our mass exodus from Johns Hopkins and the Ronald McDonald House this afternoon. :) I'm getting the equipment details taken care of as best I can so when we get home we'll have everything we need. MAMSI is still holding out on some things, like Emily's special formula, but we'll keep working on that. Also, shift-nursing is still not covered so we'll have to see how we fare. The HR folks at my company are working on getting that part of the policy changed, but there are NO guarantees.

Emily has not totally recovered and our schedule is going to be pretty tiresome when we get home. I will continue making updates about her condition here so please keep coming back to see how things are going. The good thing is that we are out of the hospital. The not as good thing is that we are still in the middle of respiratory season. There is some anxiety in thinking about Emily's health this winter, but all we can do is what we can do. :)

You all have been so generous with your lives over the past 3+ weeks and we are forever grateful for you. We are going to have meals provided for a while as we transition and that is just incredible. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us during this hospitalization. We are so happy to be taking Emily home b/c there were times where we were not sure if we'd be able to.

Thanks to all our nurses and other medical staff peoples for taking care of Emily. I hope we don't have to see you again, unless it is for social reasons of course. ;)

I'll keep writing things here as we being our retrospective thinking this evening. We learn so much about life each time we are in the hospital and I am sure I'll write about it as much as I can in this bLog. So, if you'd like, please visit often. :)

Peace <><