12/6 - esta mañana

One night down, thousands to go. Emily was so happy to leave the hospital last night. We put her in her car seat and she started whipping her head back and forth looking at everything. She was watching all the lights and looking at all the people on our way out. She loves going for drives so it was fun to look back from the drivers seat and see her little face. She just looked so relaxed and happy.

We had tons of stuff to get situated once we got home. We had become accustomed to having certain things in certain places so we could grab them without thinking about. Well, it took some time to get those things where they needed to be. We are going to rearrange our home to better accommodate Emily's things. We're giving up the Master bedroom so we can all have a bigger room to hang out in with her when she needs to be closer to her stuff. Also, this will help us provide a more comfortable workspace for shift nursing, when we get it. So that's our next big project.

We were told that we don't qualify for coverage for Emily's special formula called Vivonex so I am trying to get a straight answer from MAMSI about that. They have told us that b/c it is "over the counter" we do not qualify, but she should b/c she is tube fed and it is medically necessary b/c of issues brought on by SMA. Anyway, just a little window into the types of phone calls we have to make every day.

Gotta post this b/c it is taking all morning with the phone calls.

Emily is HAPPY!!