Back to work

So I started working again today. It had been 4 week since I was last at work and a lot of things change in 4 weeks! It was very weird and a bit depressing to be back at work knowing that Emily and my family was at home. Given Emily's fragility right now I didn't really like being gone all that much. Plus, Diana was up most of the night and I was sort of in that in between state, so we're learning to live zombie-like. I am sure other SMA families know exactly what I mean. :)

Since this stay we have become more active in the online SMA community and it has been fun getting to know many of the families, virtually. We have actually had the chance to meet a couple of them in person while we were taking Emily out to UT, so it has been neat to re-visit via the internet. There are a lot of incredible parents out there doing amazing things for their kids.

Emily continues to keep us busy. We are getting her diet dialed in, but yesterday she started this fever thing. I don't know who she thinks she is!! :) So, we are continuing with the frequent treatments b/c she is still weak from the hospital stay.

K - she letting us know she needs us. Signing off - Peace <><


Anonymous said…
Just a few thank yous...for making this beautiful site/scrap book of Emily's life. Also, thanks for going back to work so that I can stay at home with our precious girls. Thanks for trusting me. love you, Diana