Christmas Cheer :)

I have said it before, we are a blessed family. Tonight a couple ladies from work, Christine and Joan, and their family brought us a Christmas tree, decorations, and stalkings!! They brought us our favorite, Chick-fil-A, and some other stuff to make us feel special... IT WORKED!! They hung out for a bit and it was a lot of fun chatting about normal stuff for a while. We love just hanging out, so, THANK YOU so much!!

Emily had a pretty good day. We caught wind of a nice cart that was designed for SMA Type I kids, so we are looking into it for Emily. We want to be able to take her out more comfortably, so maybe this will do the trick... as long as my insurance will pay for it. ;)


Joanna said…
WOW! what a blessing! except, if they brought you stalkings i might be wary of them, even call the police. the stockings are cute though! :)