High Numbers

Well, that title means a couple of things to me. Emily's O2 saturation has remind in the high 90's for a few days now and we are actually starting to get some rest. More accurately, Emily's incredible super-mom is getting more rest than even a few days ago. In case anyone was wondering, that is a good thing. The other thing that it means is that we have had over 9000 visits to this website! There are a lot of people checking up on Emily and our family, what an amazing thing to think about. As we care for Emily we sometimes think about all the people that care about her and the rest of us. For me it's kinda like when you are trying to think about how many stars there are in the sky and you end up getting side-tracked and start thinking about something else b/c you can't REALLY think about how many stars there are... well, I get side-tracked like that when I try to fathom the amount of people that are thinking about and praying for us. Thanks.

A couple things to note:
  1. Diana and I were able to leave Emily home with her incredible Ai-ee (Aunt in Mandarin), Cindy, to spend some time with my parents and see the Canadian Brass in concert on Sat, a surprise from them!! It was a little nerve-racking to leave, but not enough to keep us home. Thanks so much Cindy!
  2. We've been taking Emily on walks b/c it's been like 20 degrees warmer than it's supposed to be. I don't know why they call it "Winter" around here. They should have a different name for the seasons depending on where you are. This is Late Fall and after this we will have Spring. She just LOVES her walks. I gave her a leaf and a pine-cone to taste test the other day... we need to do more of that. When Emily is no longer with us I don't want to say, "remember that time when we were in Emily's room and..." I want to talk about when we were out and about tasting life. What's the point in preserving life if you then shelter it. If you safeguard you kids and keep everything from happening to them, then NOTHING will happen to them. Let 'em live. :) Easy for me to say, right? I mean, I know my kids are going to die. It happens when it is supposed to happen. No sooner, no later. I believe that.
We love you so much Annabelle and Emily! There is nothing greater than to see you grow and taste life.

Peace <><


MWrxMOM said…
CHEERS!!!!! And I can totally relate to the last bit about tasting- enjoying every bit of life we can with our kids. We are in a slightly different boat - but I could not have said it better. THANKS for - going there. {{{{HUGS}}}}