12/31: Last day of 2007!!

12/30: More thoughts about a tracheotomy

12/29: PICTURES!!

12/29: Aetna Update

12/29: Am Update - A calm weekend

12/28: Aetna woes

12/27: Evening Update - serious thoughts

12/26: Intubated and doing well

12/26: reintubated (back on life support)

Merry Christmas!!

12/24: Emily's doing great

We're up - Emily's doing well

Server Down

12/23: Feeds started

12/23: Extubated, but not right

12/23: noon

12/23: Two things

12/22: Evening Update

12/22: Looking Good & Washington Times

12/21: A good day

12/21: AM update

12/20: HOT NEWS!!

12/20 Update: transfer requested

Intubation - Pneumonia

To the ER

2. Quickly Sickly 1. Aetna Approves!

A good weekend and a Dr. visit

Emily's Awesome - Aetna is NOT

Family Fun

The Sovereignty of God

WORLD: In the "news"

A real story

Can you believe it?! A new update!!

A week in our life...

Linnea: 8/15/03-9/21/04


9/3: NYC and Doing Better

9/2: Emily's Sick

Emily + Sitting

2nd B'day Pics!!

Moving on




7/15: Emily is 2!!!

It has arrived!! The van of course...

Coming at the end of the week :)

The Van

The need to write right

Shaking in awe

FSMA Conference '07


VanNews and our FUNd Raiser

Lessons Learned

This is AWESOME!~!

Email Subscription

Just had to post this picture!

FRI thoughts