We know a college-aged woman with SMA named MJ through the SMA community and her and her caregiver make these blankets for SMA kids. :) MJ is also a neat addition to our circle of influence b/c she can add so much value to our understanding of our own kids. It's a neat community we communicate with. Click on this link to visit her site: B4SMAKids

So, here are a couple of pics for you to enjoy. Emily has been doing well even though it's been a bit more stressful since Diana broke our hear.... I mean her arm. We're making it, though, and Cindy has been a tremendous help... especially during this time. We are blessed to have her with us. Thank God for secret weapons like Cindy since the Medical Director of our insurance company doesn't give a rats a**. :(

Emily's been fighting another little something or other lately, so she's wearing her BiPAP more often and her treatments are a big longer, and maybe more often if she doing poorly. I actually feel that with Diana's arm broken and the reluctance from insurance to give us more nursing we should go to the Critical Care Unit so Emily can get consistent and aggressive treatments without so much work on our part, but that would be more stressful in the end. We'd just have to fight with the hospital as always. Anyway, that was a fleeting thought -- usually when I am stumbling to Emily's room b/c Diana's poking me to go and turn her every two hours or fix her feed. btw - our case manager at the insurance company is not on my list - she's been very helpful -- even with her hands tied!!

OK - thanks for reading and shoot us an email or sign the guest book if you ever have the chance.

Peace <><


MJ said…
Thank you so much for the pictures of both girls. Their pictures are up on the website. Thanks for sharing your family with us. Big blanket hugs to everyone!!
What GREAT happy pictures!!
Love and prayers from across the miles,