So it turns out Diana's sledding skills weren't as she put on -- she has broken her right arm! It's actually a cute little "Y" shaped fracture, but she's done for. No more fun for her until it is healed. Annabelle saw the whole thing and quickly jotted it down for us to "get the pircture." Here is it:

She left no stone unturned. That is Diana on the round sled (there were some spelling reconsiderations). As you can see by the arrows she was traveling past the bare tree and SMACK! Right into the neighbors deck. And the sun was shining. Luckily the deck was ok.

So the smaller of her two forearm bones is officially fractured. The thing is, she's been on this liquid fast (that she is ending, but it's a somewhat slow process) and she can't really take any pain killers b/c there is nothing in her stomach to protect her from the medicine, so we are not sure what to do. Also, Diana is Emily's primary care-taker, so that changes things a bit. Cindy and I will step in, but is definitely changes things a bit.

Anyway, keep her in your prayers please.


Unknown said…
We hope you are all doing ok. havent seen you online much unless i'm blind. Brad.