Some things...

Sooooo many of you have been reaching out to tell us that you have been praying for us and we really appreciate it. In lieu of this spirit of prayer we had a couple of things to add to your prayer-box:
  1. We are looking into full-size, wheelchair accessible vans b/c Emily is getting a medical chair soon. First we have to SELL our minivan though. Click here to see it.
  2. THINKING about what to do in our living situation:
    • Rent town home and move to Rancher in area or something else that allows us to walk onto the main floor where maybe we can have Emily's room. This medical chair is going to change a lot of things we think
    • Move to another state where cost of living is cheaper (lots of pros AND cons for this)
  3. Continued help with nursing. We have a couple nurses that Diana is training they seem to really like Emily. So far things have been good. Pray nursing will continue to work out well. We are so glad to have qualified for 8hrs/day! :)
  4. School for me. I am going to try to take a couple of the remaining classes for me degree. I pray there are few distractions. :)
-- The picture is of Annabelle rubbing Emily's ear and sucking on her thumb, as usual. Emily has developed a habit of sticking her finger in her own ear - I wonder why. The stuff across Emily's nose is DuoDerm that protects her face from the mask she has to wear when she sleeps. We either just took it off or are about to put it on. They both tend to like moments like the one in the picture. :)


MJ said…
I love the picture of the girls. I love how Annabelle was rubbing Emily's ear, my cousin used to do that all the time when he was younger. Good luck on your search for good nurses and a good van. I use an Econoline Ford van and am on my second one (I'm 19 now). Please feel free to email me for pictures or further information.
Love and blanket hugs