A couple weeks

Well it's been a couple of weeks since Diana broke her arm and we're all adjusting to the change in routine. She's as stubborn as a Chinese girl and continues doing more than she should, but that's ok as long as she doesn't hurt the arm even more I guess.

Emily has been so happy these last few weeks, it's been really nice. She a fan of "rough housing" so I try to juggle her around a bit by jumping and spinning while she is in my arms. I've actually figured out a way to pull her around in her bouncy chair type thing so we make circles around the second floor - she loves it. Other than that we've continued her treatments every 4 hours through the day. There were a couple of times we thought she might be getting sick so we gave her some longer treatments, but she pulled through whatever was bugging her just fine. Nursing has been working well, but we do wish we had more time for the days or weeks that "stuff" happens. Plus, it would be great to have the extra hours to train more nurses just in case one can't make it or something.

I won an award through the Employee Referral Program at work!! A $1500 weekend getaway at a Resort and Spa!! Second place was "Dinner for Two for a Year - $1200. If we can ever find a way to get away for two nights, much less one, we'll take advantage of the gift.

Other than that I am trying to rip up the second floor to lay down laminate, but did not see the reality of the project. It takes a long time. We've got some friends from church coming over on Sat (thank goodness) and we are going to try and knock the whole thing out in one day. Pray for that b/c it may take a miracle. :)

Annabelle's amazing as always and we were looking at her class pics for this year. MAN! She is just growing up and the pictures are so good looking. She's a cutie and a smarty! Still finishes my sentences for me when I can't concentrate (I know: when can I? right? - ha ha)

We're still thinking about our housing situation. Emily's medical chair is supposed to be coming this Thur (Lord willing) and we are not sure how things are going to work out in this home. Too many steps and NO ACCESS for a medical chair of any sort. We are looking into homes in the area AND homes elsewhere. That is on our minds and so is the van issue. Not sure if the Minivan is going to work with the new setup.

We appreciate all of your kind words, visits, phone calls, email, etc. They are precious to us.

Peace <><


Mark said…
I'm glad to hear that things have been positive lately. Let's hope they stay that way.

I've got a dumb question: What does the phrase "stubborn as a Chinese girl" mean? I feel like I'm not getting something.
Mike A said…
as a one hand typer myself (broken wrist), i feel for diana. for me, i only have to worry about myself and linda does a lot of things for me. can't imagine how challenging it is to keep up with the girls with only one arm. if i had both hands, i would offer to help with the laminate :) good luck!

-mike a