Medical Chair - Ribs - Floor - etc

It has been a BUSY few weeks since I last posted. I'll start with this VERY cool bit of information though. Yesterday Emily started moving her mouth and making sounds in a coordinated effort -- that = yapping! She was "yayayaing" and "vavavaing" all day -- greeted me that way when she got home actually. Anyway, tons of fun and we are looking forward to see where she goes with this. Maybe she'll be able to say "Momma" and "Dadda" - oh man, that'd be great!

OK - the big news is that we finally got Emily's medical chair. It is super cool with all the bells and whistles needed to get Emily out and about. I'll put some pics up soon so you can see what I am talking about. Anyway, imagine a stroller for a little girl with sensitive medical needs - that's the chair -- with some crimson trim.

I busted my ribs up pretty bad a week ago playing soccer, so I am out of commission for now which brings me to the next point. We've been busy getting laminate flooring down on our main floor and it is so much nicer that the carpet and just in time for Emily's chair. It came with a rolling base so we can tote her around with us as we get things done. We haven't really done that yet, but b/c my ribs are messed up there is still some work left to do. Soon.

So - not much else to report. I have been working on getting local chapter of Climbing for Christ together with a friend from church - so that is a big deal and it is super exciting.

In addition to all of these things there are other things on our hearts too. Many of you are so faithful to ask us what we need prayer for -- here are some thigns:
  1. Diana really feels that God is impressing adoption on her heart. We have been doing som research on the idea. We have always wanted a decent size family, but obviously we fear having more kids with the SMA stuff going around.

  2. We are not sure how accomodating Emily in our current home is going to work. There are too many stairs and it is getting difficult to carry her b/c she is growing so much. :) We are hoping to know if God wants us to stay in the area, or move somewhere else where housing is more affordable.
  3. We are in need of a full-size van so we can move Emily appropriately. We need to sell the mini-van in that process as well. I don't know how this is going to happen, but we are confident that we will have the vehicle that we need at some point.
  4. I have had an aching in my heart for full-time ministry for some time now - and it is coming to a "T." As you can imagine there is anxiety that goes a long with this, given our situation, but my good friend Emman asked me a good question the other night, "Do you feel that you are being obedient to God by continuing to work a regular job?" ............ What a great question. I feel like I am compromising ministry opportunities that are being presented to me rather than compromising work to develop ministry opportunities. Lots to think about there....
Blessings and Peace <><