Some updates

*sigh* - I feel like I've tapped my brain and released a lot of junk. Yep. I've spoken with my manager and I am going to be working 29 hrs per week starting Monday. :) I will be able to retain our full benefits, so Emily will be covered just the same, but I will also have more time at home to work on various tasks. I will be able to spend better time with my family and there are some ministry roles that I feel compelled, equipped, and called to fulfill. Basically, with the freedom this schedule will give me I will be able to arrange my schedule more efficiently and not always spend my days at work thinking about all that is going on at home. It will be easier to separate the two.

Besides family I will be focusing on a few things:
  1. Some web work for various churches and/or non-profit organizations (with more on the way - all of which I am doing for free)
  2. Forming partnerships with our local chapter of Climbing for Christ with organizations such as River Valley Ranch and finding opportunities for service in other areas
  3. Start working on our own non-profit that is getting set up to help SMA families in some interesting and unique ways
    • A local law firm as accepted our request for pro bono assistance in getting a 501(3)(c) established so we can accomplish some ideas that we have for the SMA community!!!
These changes, of course, change our financial situation. Even as I feel confident that I am appropriately answering a call into ministry, I am also nervous with anticipation to see how God is going to provide for us. We are still looking for a the impossible house - a Rancher that is around 20 mins from our church and under $300k. Everybody who lives around here snickers when I say that, but we'll see where we end up. Our needs, as always, will be met. :) Not b/c we do anything "right," but b/c God promises that he will provide for those His people.

We have some promising leads for a van. There is a company in MN that modifies vans and they also take trade-ins. We are going to explore that option to see where it leads as far as getting rid of our van at the same time.

I may start another bLog for thoughts on these ministry developments, so stay tuned if you are interested.