FRI thoughts

Again it is Friday. However, this time we have what we need - but, yet again, if we were to choose to take Emily to the ER, it would be on an inconvenient, long weekend. Typical. I'm not being negative, it's just typically how this works out. It's never a Monday or even during the day at all. It's at night and right at the weekend so there are no Dr's that we want to see at the ER or on the floor.

On a lighter side - Emily is having a relatively good morning. She is obviously sick, but managed by her team of doctors and nurses (us) here at home, she is doing ok.

Some thoughts that will seem unrelated, but they are - bear with me (these thoughts are easier said than typed):

Diana and I were watching the Season Finale of LOST the other night. That show always makes me think. It seems, to me, the entire show is about what happens when people can only focus on trying to change their circumstances -- their "Island," if you will. At the end of the show, those that were focused most on getting rescued were suffering the most once it finally happened. They were so discontent with their circumstances on the island that they learned the least about how to be happy once they were off.

If I focus too much, out of discontent, on changing our circumstances, when they do change I will have learned the least from them. Most importantly I will not have learned how to be content with what God has given me.

Peace <><


That is good!