Sick :*(

Emily is sick. Her heart rate has reached the 180's this evening, her O2 sats keep dropping (mostly into the upper 80's, but a couple of times into the 70's), and we are struggling with the Dr's to get her antibiotics. They were supposed to be called in earlier today, but now it is 12:04AM and we've had to call them a few times to get them to call in the meds. ARGH! I think we need to find a new Pediatrician b/c ours is just too busy - which is a shame b/c he has been incredibly good to us with Linnea before and now Emily. When you call a Triage nurse and tell them that your daughters HR is in the 180's they don't want to call in a prescription, they want you to go to the ER.

Back to the point though - Emily's sats have been dropping over the last few days so we've ramped up her treatments, but we are going to have to do more. This came on sorta fast and looked like teething type stuff or a little snotty nose kid thing. That's definitely not the case. Please pray for her and for us. Not sure if we'll end up in the ER tonight or not.

Peace <><


Michelle said…
Lifting your family up in prayer. May Emily get the care she needs quickly.

The Marble family
Mike A said…
lee family,

our thoughts and prayers are with you. hope emily gets better and better. hang in there.

the adams family
Darlene B said…
Hi Lees,

You are in my prayers... another trial to test your strength...

Darlene Brenneman