FSMA Conference '07

We had a GREAT time at our first FSMA conference. Hopefully the first of many. We finally got the chance to meet many of the families that we only know online through emailing and some phone calls - and we had the chance to sit through some very informative sessions on SMA care, research, home modifications, tax deductible expenses, family work shops, etc, etc. Emily got to ride a pony with the Make a Wish Foundation and we just had a blast. Having a blast with Emily comes with a price and we are very worn out now from the trip, but it was so worth every last ounce of tiredness that we might feel right now. :*) We drove through the night and I took some pics of the trip and conference - I hope you enjoy them. I was also battling a little critter on the drive that I wrote a little poem about. I hope you like it.

Listen here, my flighty foe,
Mr. Mosquito.
I'm tryin' to drive!

My kid's asleep,
My wife's close behind,
and the LAST thing I need is a welt to find.

My arms are a flailin,'
Reared back for a slap,
My stolen blood all over the map.

Get AWAY from me,
go fly down and die.
Go to the mosquito place high in the sky.

What'er you do,
Don't touch my sweet baby,
For that would... SMACK!!!!
AHA! Gotcha you little sucker!


Nice pictures! It was a blast hanging out with you guys. As far as the poem goes.... You really must be a bit nutty after all that driving... I suppose the trip through PA was boring enough to allow you the time to make that poem up...
Nate said…
Ha! I'm so sick of Turnpikes right now! Ohio's a bit behind too - who'se ever heard of not using EZPass - HA!
del said…
Great pictures & poem (are you going to write about any other experiences while driving to Chicago?. : -) Glad you made it back safely. It's satisfying to see Emily with others in her situation...and riding that pony(!)...what a treat. Dad