Lessons Learned

I bought a 12v liquid acid deep cycle battery to use as backup power for Emily's equipment, but decided that I'd rather get a closed gel-cell, so I put it in the back of our van to return to the store. The next day Diana drove the van somewhere and the battery flipped over and leaked all over one side of the van floor - DISINTEGRATING the carpet on that side and anything else in it's path as it spread. That is why we need a CLOSED gel-cell battery! :( Anyway, we'll have to replace the carpet in the van now - AHHHHH, but at least no one was hurt. That's the story for this week.

Emily has been doing SOO well and I hope you all enjoyed the video of her drawing. It's like her mind has just opened up to learning and communicating and it has been a blast watching it unfold a bit. Anyway, here's a recent pic of Annabelle and Emily.

Peace <><