The need to write right

Oh man - I am so hoping to express something that is really tugging on my heart right now. I won't claim to say this in the best way, but I want to let you in on what's been giving me a hard time the past couple of days.

So many people have been so generous to us for so many years. It as been overwhelmingly amazing to the point of exhaustion at times. We are just so amazed at how caring people can be. Thank you so much and thank the Lord for His goodness!!

As recipients of such beautiful selflessness we also struggle. It can be very hard at times to always be on the receiving end when we so much want to be on the giving end as well. Annabelle prayed before dinner one night, "And Dear Lord, please help us to find someone that we can help too." It is on our minds all of the time. We understand our predicament, however, and do what we can to show the love of Christ to others through our situation.

So, on to the thorn in my side, as they say -- Given the gaping hole of despair that we were no doubt tempted to fall into b/c of the series of events with the van, but also b/c our lifestyle is as such - when we receive donations or care in ways that dramatically shoot us forward in the process to recovery, it can really do a number on our emotions. This does not mean that all other amounts of care, be it financial - emotional - substantial - or the like, are any less meaningful and essential to us. We believe that no true value can be put on other's generosity to us, and I, by no means, intend to forget or leave out the fact that there have been more donors than the family I mentioned in my previous post. The nature of the amount was such that I was overwhelmed with calm as I realized what it meant for Emily. I hope I can portray this accurately. We appreciate EVERY ounce of generosity that we are blessed with from the email or phone call to see how we are doing to a sum of money to help with expenses. We cherish them all the same.

Peace <>< - Nate