• Van: Totaled (value $6700)
  • Cause: car battery acid spilled on the floor
  • Rental: Insurance will pay for our rental 7 more business days
  • Plan: work on good, solid, one-page fund raising letter to provide to church, friends, and charity orgs (maybe with a video montage of Emily's life with a script read during the video). Dilemma: Wondering - should I get a loan for a medical van and pay it back with funds rasied, or wait for funds before I get a van (likely to be $30k - $40k). Wondering what sort of van to get w/out knowing how much $ we will have in the end - wondering, wondering, wondering -- should we just get the van, b/c we need it, and leave the rest up to God? Yes AND No, I guess. How the heck am I supposed to really feel like I am being responsible when all of this is happening?
Aside from that I am waiting for the title to be cleared up between states and must present the correct title before I will see penny of that insurance check. Relying on the DMV depresses me. :( Oh well - gotta take this one in stride.

That's our current situation - oh yeah, that and the fact that I ordered a special vest so we can secure Emily in the van while we drive to Chicago with AMPLE time to get it before tomorrow - they failed to let us know that the darned thing was on BACK ORDER!! C'mon people!! Throw me a freakin' bone here!! So we had to find another source for the vest in a time-zone back from ours (Ohio I guess) so they could call the UPS guy back to get it to us by tomorrow (Wed). Another day in the life of SMA.

I'll leave you with good news - we got our friends van wired with the fancy shmancy inverter and we are ready and set to go - that's cool! Also, I still believe the van thing did not happen out of God's scope for our lives and we will end up being just fine in the end - still stressful though. One day these things won't even bother me any more. "House burned down - no biggie - just a house" (that didn't actually happen) -- you know, something like that. One day...

Peace <><