The Van

Okey-dokey. We've come a long way in a very short amount of time! With contributions outside of what can be seen on this site we have raised $18,450 towards Emily's van! We still owe on the mini-van, even though it is totaled, but will also count in the total loss money if worst comes to worst. That would bring the total to $25,150!! Thank you so much for your care and concern for Emily and our family. Most of you will no doubt be seeing MUCH more of her from now on. :)

The other news is that we've decided on a van!! We are purchasing a used wheelchair accessible Ford E-150 Conversion Van from Rollx Vans. I have been really impressed with this company b/c they have been MORE than helpful. Marty has spent hours on the phone with me talking through all our needs and helping me decide what will work. I am confident that this van will suite our needs well. We are not quite to the point where the total cost of the van and other modifications for Emily are covered, but we are well on our way and will not have to pay until next week. That is about as long as we can wait for a vehicle though. As always, we are well cared for and feel that moving forward with this purchase is the right thing to do. :) Thank you sooo much for your part in making this a reality for Emily!!!

Here are some pics of the van we are purchasing --

Peace <+>< Nate