Emily + Sitting

I thought I'd share some pics of Emily. After realizing that she has some serious bone density issues I started thinking, "Man, we need to get her in to some seats and standers pronto!" So, what we realized is that she handles it quite well.

Here is a pic of her in her Tumble-form

Another in the Tumble-form in her therapy swing

Here is a pic of her in her EasyS

Does anyones else use the chair this way? If we put the chair all the way up in a sitting position, but tilt the base all the way back, she does well and is able to use the tray. We were actually quite amazed!

I also did a little video of Emily in the EasyS

I am sharing these b/c Emily was NOT able to do this a year ago. I can't quite explain that, but she could not tolerate these positions well at all. Now she can. :) We are continually amazed with her. When she was diagnosed at only 5 weeks old she was digressing fast, so we were never expecting to see her like this. Hopefully the therapy we are getting into with Kennedy Krieger will take her capabilities and make them even stronger.

Peace <><


laurellyla said…
that is AWESOME!! I'm so glad you guys are SO on-the-ball...as soon as you find out something else that can help her, you do it. You are the BEST parents for Emily. :)
anastasia said…
What can I say? You guys are the most amazing and loving parents. Emily is very blessed to be your daughter. You are a true inspiration.
Anonymous said…
She is so beautiful!

I wanted to let you know that I used you as one of my 5 for blog day. I hope that is ok. I love your blog and wanted to show you.

Wow! It is so amazing to see Emily doing SO well!! She looks amazingly happy.