Sunday, September 30, 2007

A week in our life...

Ok - this has been an "interesting" week and it ended perfectly. :) I am NOT looking for sympathy - just thought I'd share real life experiences and some pics. :)

Mon - I went to Urgent Care for bad abdominal cramping
Wed - I went to GI Doc to get tests done
Thur - Emily appts at GI doc all afternoon
Thur Night - I woke up with an intense migraine - threw up
Fri - Annabelle comes down with something and decorates the house with stomach content, and continues to do so through the night
Sat - Annabelle continues "decorating through the day and eats something with Cashews (she's allergic) and suffers even more
Sat PM - I nearly fall out of dad's new boat and face-plant into the side in the process, splitting my eyebrow open
Sat Evening - Me and Annabelle both head to Urgent Care: stitches for my eye and dehydration for Annabelle. Turned out that Annabelle has Strep Throat and is an antibiotics. When I entered the clinic I asked them if they could stitch up my eye and they said "yes." After two hours of waiting they came in and told me that they "don't do face sutures - go to the ER" !!! Anyway, 5 stitches and a tetanus shot later I am writing this bLog entry. The fall was actually quite comical and my dad can't tell the story without laughing through the whole thing.
Sun - Spend the day WITH Emily and my parents on their new boat - no incidents :) Except for my dad cutting his leg :*(

So - all of this ended with a BEAUTIFUL day on the water with my parents. Check out the slide-show below for the pics. This was a first-run with Emily, to see how things could work on the boat. She LOVED it! Everything worked out and we know what to change for the next day-cruise to make it even better. I took some shots of the setup - next time we will probably leave the EasyS stroller in the van... she didn't really need it.

Oh - BTW - Diana was awesome through all of our issues -- she never gets hurt (except for her suspicious "broken arm" mishap last Winter) or sick. God has blessed her that way -- or blessed us, depending on how you see it.

Peace <>< Nate

Friday, September 21, 2007

Linnea: 8/15/03-9/21/04

We are thinking of Linnea today. She went home to our Creator 3 years ago at 0158 today. Feel free to visit her site here... Give your kids some extra hugs and thank God for them today. Enjoy them :)

Monday, September 17, 2007


I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. We've been very busy - some good, some bad - but busy nonetheless. A few things have changed since the last post, I guess. Emily is getting her 2-year molars (a tiring event to say the least), Annabelle is in full-day Kindergarten, Diana is taking a couple of college classes, our day nurse took extended leave, our night nurse cut down to only three days a week, and my job started getting busier. Goodness gracious. When it rains it pours, eh?!

Anyway - we're surviving, that's all I can say at this point.

So, my company rents out Six Flags once a year and we get free tickets. This year we took Annabelle... her FIRST theme park experience! She was POOPED by the end of the day, but had a blast while we were there.

Emily is doing really well. We're along for the ride, so we never know what to expect. She has had some ups and downs over the past few weeks, but she's a trooper! Today is a HAPPY day for her. Just yapping and trying to get some words out. I think when she gets it down it will never be silent in our house again -- between Emily and Annabelle. :)

Thanks for checking in. - Peace <><

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

9/3: NYC and Doing Better

Hey - we were gone all day, but for good reasons - we got out of the house!! Thanks for your emails and prayers. Emily's night turned out much better than expected. She was coughing and just full of mucus - high HR - Fever - Low Sats -- junky lungs -- the works.... until she pooped EVERYWHERE. Yes, she is still "sick," but I think the culmination of "internal events" looked just like a lung was about to collapse.

Anyway, she was an incredibly happy little girl today and we took a day trip to Central Park, NYC. 10 hrs in the car all together and lots of BiPAP time - but it was BiPAP at home, or BiPAP in the van and lying around Central Park, so we treated ourselves to the later. She loved it and there wasn't much traffic, so that was cool.

She's still got some getting-better to do, but it is a relief to know that it was mainly a tummy poo-poo war going on. :)

Some pics from the day...

Peace <><

Sunday, September 02, 2007

9/2: Emily's Sick

Hey folks,

Please pray for Emily. Not sure how this night is going to play out, but Emily's been getting gradually sicker as the weather cooled and she's not doing so hot - sats hovering around 92 and dropping into the mid 80's over and over again. HR going up to the 180's from her normal 120-130's. Wondering if we should head to the hospital - or drive to CHOP so we don't have to deal with JH's. Hopefully our nurse will be on top of things tonight, but I'm sure Diana will be up most of the night. :(