9/3: NYC and Doing Better

Hey - we were gone all day, but for good reasons - we got out of the house!! Thanks for your emails and prayers. Emily's night turned out much better than expected. She was coughing and just full of mucus - high HR - Fever - Low Sats -- junky lungs -- the works.... until she pooped EVERYWHERE. Yes, she is still "sick," but I think the culmination of "internal events" looked just like a lung was about to collapse.

Anyway, she was an incredibly happy little girl today and we took a day trip to Central Park, NYC. 10 hrs in the car all together and lots of BiPAP time - but it was BiPAP at home, or BiPAP in the van and lying around Central Park, so we treated ourselves to the later. She loved it and there wasn't much traffic, so that was cool.

She's still got some getting-better to do, but it is a relief to know that it was mainly a tummy poo-poo war going on. :)

Some pics from the day...

Peace <><


Nancy Lee said…
Sounds like a fun day! Glad you could get out!