A week in our life...

Ok - this has been an "interesting" week and it ended perfectly. :) I am NOT looking for sympathy - just thought I'd share real life experiences and some pics. :)

Mon - I went to Urgent Care for bad abdominal cramping
Wed - I went to GI Doc to get tests done
Thur - Emily appts at GI doc all afternoon
Thur Night - I woke up with an intense migraine - threw up
Fri - Annabelle comes down with something and decorates the house with stomach content, and continues to do so through the night
Sat - Annabelle continues "decorating through the day and eats something with Cashews (she's allergic) and suffers even more
Sat PM - I nearly fall out of dad's new boat and face-plant into the side in the process, splitting my eyebrow open
Sat Evening - Me and Annabelle both head to Urgent Care: stitches for my eye and dehydration for Annabelle. Turned out that Annabelle has Strep Throat and is an antibiotics. When I entered the clinic I asked them if they could stitch up my eye and they said "yes." After two hours of waiting they came in and told me that they "don't do face sutures - go to the ER" !!! Anyway, 5 stitches and a tetanus shot later I am writing this bLog entry. The fall was actually quite comical and my dad can't tell the story without laughing through the whole thing.
Sun - Spend the day WITH Emily and my parents on their new boat - no incidents :) Except for my dad cutting his leg :*(

So - all of this ended with a BEAUTIFUL day on the water with my parents. Check out the slide-show below for the pics. This was a first-run with Emily, to see how things could work on the boat. She LOVED it! Everything worked out and we know what to change for the next day-cruise to make it even better. I took some shots of the setup - next time we will probably leave the EasyS stroller in the van... she didn't really need it.

Oh - BTW - Diana was awesome through all of our issues -- she never gets hurt (except for her suspicious "broken arm" mishap last Winter) or sick. God has blessed her that way -- or blessed us, depending on how you see it.

Peace <>< Nate


Mark said…
Wow, that's one rough week. I'm glad to know that you're somehow still in good enough spirits to write a blog post.

Let's hope this week goes better, I'll be thinking about you.
Anonymous said…
Nate, didn't you know that moms can't get sick? It's not allowed! that was quite an eventful week for you guys! When it rains, it pours! Love the pics, emily is so cute!