A real story

Frustrating story of the week (this may make more sense to kids with special needs, especially pulmonary needs):

We were at the Pulmonologist's office and finally got called into the vitals room. We were called in too early and stood in the hallway. Emily was still sickly at that point and needed to be suctioned and would soon need to be coughed. Diana turned on the suction and the nurse came out and said, "Um, you can't do that in the hallway." I looked up so fast and said, "Excuse me?!" She ushered us into the vitals room (they're all too small) and we plugged in the cough assist and started getting out the tubing b/c Emily really needed some coughs... it was urgent in other words. She looked at us again and said, "Um, why don't you just hold off on that so we can weigh her and then you can do her 'oral care' when you get to the room."

Holy Freakin' Crap Lady!

I said, "Um, we will cough and suction her wherever we need to, so you can just wait." Diana looked at her at the same time and said, "She can't breath!" You'd think we were in a Department store or something, rather than a SPECIALTY PULMONARY CLINIC!!! Geez Louiz. So, we finished and she didn't say anything else - a wise decision on her part. Maybe she saw the steam coming from my ears and realized it wasn't a sign of my love for her. She then led us to the room -- the one she previously referenced in a way that suggested it was right around the corner -- it was like a city block away! My goodness. The rest of the folks there were very nice and the Pulmo Doc loves us for living the NIV protocol. The whole appt ended up being a flop b/c Emily was just too junky that day. :/


Nancy Lee said…
Sheesh! Good thing that little girl has good, confidant parents!
Sometimes people lose track of what they're there for!

Hope Emily feels better soon!